Think and Make like an Artist - eenymeeny kids
Thames & Hudson

Think and Make like an Artist

Experiment with painting, sculpture, photography, costume design, illustration, paper craft, building and photography. Take inspiration from contemporary artists and have fun creating all kinds of art from ice sculptures and paintings with legs, to dancing robots and 3D chilli con carne.

An activity book with a contemporary twist, 'Think and Make Like an Artist' explores how artists find ideas and turn them into finished artworks.

First, children discover how artists think, research and experiment, then they try out art projects for themselves. Children are encouraged to set their imaginations free and to respond to clever visual prompts and suggestions, enabling them to create entirely unique artworks. Moving beyond the traditional approach to art, the book covers a wide range of media and introduces fresh new creative ideas and practices, giving children the confidence to make their own creative decisions. Great for children and grown ups aged 5 and up. 30.00 x 23.00 cm. Paperback .80pp