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As mums (with a grand total of 7 children aged 0-11yrs between us) we really understand what kids want. But we also understand what parents like. We embrace kids wierd obsessions, their creativity, colourfulness and quirkyness, but we also have a passion for good design and quality. We like nice stuff- and we think you do too.  We don’t believe childhood is about mass production or trends or fads or fashion or expense. Reflecting on our own childhood in the 70's where girls played with boys stuff and boys played with girls stuff, eenymeenykids offers a tantalizing choice of timeless classic toys and excellent quality clothes, all to be shared around, treasured and passed on- and all without the silly pricetags. We have really carefully selected everything in our shop. We choose all our products for their quality, usefulness, uniqueness or sometimes just because they are super COOL.