About us

eenymeeny shop front
Here at eenymeeny, we like nice stuff- and we think you do too. 
We think that you, your kids and the environment deserve thoughtfully designed products, designed with passion and created with love. After all, its these things that get shared around, treasured and passed on. 
We stock goods for good kids aged 0-10yrs. All chosen for their quality, usefulness, uniqueness or sometimes just because they are super COOL.

"eenymeeny is one of the coolest kids shops we know"
Anorak Magazine

"Clare has impeccable taste and a real passion for design which makes eenymeeny a place where you really want to spend a little time as well as a bit of your money"

"The selection was so good, Ivy had a difficult time choosing!"
Courtney Adamo -  Babyccino kids blog