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Pocket Games - eenymeenyfinal - 1
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Pocket Games

Pocket Games & colouring in a roll. At last, a giant colouring roll in a tiny size (11cm) that can be coloured in anywhere, each roll is a metre long but can be rolled away neatly into its box - pop it in a bag or pocket, for fun creativity on the move, it even has an eight colour crayon included in the box. 

1 roll of riddles and games (1 m x 11 cm) and 1 crayon with 8 colors

Instructions are translated into 6 languages. The colouring pages can de torn on the dotted line to make sharing and storing easier. It really is the perfect kit to take on long flights or car journeys. Available in four different themes:

Magic: Adventures,Princesses, dragons and treasures.

Cosmos: Space adventures, robots, planets and surprises.

City: Adventures in Barcelona, New York, Paris and London.

Fantastic: Adventures, superpowers, monsters and surprises!