Getting kids into books is easy right? Zoe from Little Owl Book Club shares her thoughts

Getting kids into books is easy right? Zoe from Little Owl Book Club shares her thoughts

We think it's never too early to get kids into books. Introduce them when they are babies and they'll be hooked for ever.  Zoë Bloomfield, founder of the brilliant Little Owl Book Club, shares her tips....


"Most toddlers have a natural curiosity about books. They like to pick them up, even chew them (!), and will love a bedtime story. But how do you capture that interest and help turn them into enthusiastic readers?

Keep their books at their eye level. Consider clearing out the bottom shelf of your bookcase and filling it with suitable books. Or have a special box in your main living area just for their stories. Make it a cosy spot with a cushion and they’ll soon go there alone to enjoy them. Studies have shown that the more books you have in your house, the better your children will do at school!

Read to them every night if you can. You choose one, they choose one. Get your child to put the books ready on the bed before bath-time and it’s something to look forward to.

Read the same stories, over and over. Children learn from repetition and it fills them with confidence if they know what’s going to happen. It’ll also helps them learn some of the initial letter shapes and sounds. You should always go back to old favourites, especially if your child’s in a bad mood!

Ask them to predict what’s going to happen in a story, even one they’ve read a million times. An exaggerated question such as: ‘What’s going to happen to baby bear’s chair?’ will make your toddler feel special because they know the answer, and they might even tell you!

Talk to your children about your favourite books. What’s happening in the book you are reading? And tell them which books you loved when you were little. They love to copy grown-ups, so it will reinforce reading for pleasure as a good thing!"

Little Owl Book Club is an exciting new class for kids aged 2-4 that’s a fun approach to books and phonics. For more see

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