A little Lovely Christmas Giveaway!

A little Lovely Christmas Giveaway!

Our Lightboxes are still a bestseller at Christmas as they make a great gift. (especially if you add a sweet message on the light box). So we're giving away a pack of letters with every lightbox sold until stocks run out! How good is that! See below for details:

A little Lovely company Light box giveaway


Every A5 light box (which has a set of standard letters)will receive a pack of extra letters The Kids ABC pack. Thats 33 animal illustrations and the alphabet to jazz up your message. (retails at £8)


Every A4 lightbox will receive an extra Letter Pack of 85 script letters (as well as the standard letters included with the lightbox). (normally retails at £8).


This offer is for online and in store purchases until stocks run out!


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