A little bit about...Tobias and the Bear

A little bit about...Tobias and the Bear

We are so happy to introduce our newest brand Tobias & the Bear. A brand we've had our eye on for so long and now in store. It seems our little customers love it too as it's flying out the shop! We'll be adding to this collection regularly so you can keep coming back for more. (sorry).

Owners Leanne and Ruth first met in 2007 as creative and editorial heads of a newly launched online fashion store. Colleagues first, friends soon after and then some time after that, mums to our little dudes, Tobias and Arlo (the Bear in the tale). 

Soon after maternity leave they came up with the idea to design great printed leggings, with unique designs for boys, or (our favourite bit) tomboys (or for any mum who wanted a break from the sea of pink out there). 

There are an awful lot of mums who don’t want to dress their girls in bows and frills and so the collection has a real unisex handwriting. They are also not about seasons (after all- a favourite Tee is a favourite Tee no matter what the weather!) just building a large collection of easy wear styles and prints to mix and match all year round.

And if that wasn't good enough...everything is 100% made in the UK.

We'll be looking forward to growing this fab collection and also introducing bedding very soon. 


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