A little bit about....Nellie Bruno

A little bit about....Nellie Bruno

Eleanor started ‘Nellie Bruno’ in 2015 making garlands and mobiles for children out of plywood.  She likes to think that although they’re principally designed with small people in mind, these lovely pieces wouldn’t look out of place in grown-up bedroom or living room.


She creates her designs with simple, bold shapes and natural materials.  A graphic designer by trade and inspired by Scandinavian and mid-century design as well as the illustrators that coloured her childhood, such as Dick Bruna.  In fact, you might spot the nod to him in her shop name, but mostly it was named it after her first ever teddy, ‘Smelly Bruno’.

She made her first mobile over 13 years ago for a good friend’s baby and amazingly it is still hanging in her room today.  When she had children of her own, Eleanor wanted to make real things again.  She loved and still does love creating things on the computer, but she wanted to see if she could turn those digital lines into actual things that would live and be loved in peoples’ homes.

All the wooden pieces are cut locally and then each piece is carefully sanded and painted by Eleanor before assembling them into the finished piece.  These garlands and mobiles are made to last so they will hopefully be enjoyed long after the baby phase has passed!  They are one of our favourite products in the shop! You can view our collection here.  


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