A little bit about...Anne Claire Petit

A little bit about...Anne Claire Petit

One of our favourite designers. Anne-Claire Petit studied industrial design in Eindoven before going on to start her accessories range.  Every piece in her (now) global brand is made according to traditional handiworks techniques using a limited colour palate and natural materials which makes every piece unique. 

With her cute characters and beautiful colours the brand has an optimistic feel to it. Cheerful, colourful and most importantly, made with love. A great deal of the traditional crocheting is done in Asia. In the countryside where the women are skilled in the original handiwork techniques of their ancestors and a close relationship has been built up with various communities. Thanks to their crochet work for Anne Claire Petit, the women have paid work for most of the year- something from which the entire village benefits. The women work from home and they do the crochet work for the new collections together with their neighbours. This teamwork creates a sense happiness that rings out in all of Anne-Claire Petit's beautiful products. View our range here. 


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