A little bit about….Nailmatic Kids

A little bit about….Nailmatic Kids

Our girls (yup and boys) love painting their nails. But it is always done with a bit of resistance on my part. Polish on the table, polish on the floor, polish on clothes. And always the dreaded removal of the darn stuff with that stinking polish remover. So we were super excited when, on a trip to Paris, we discovered Nailmatic kids polish. Why for kids? Because it comes off with SOAP AND WATER. Genius.

So kids as little as 3 can have lots of nail painting fun and we can, well, …let them.

Totally made in France, its solvent free, phthalate free, formaldehyde-free, fragrance free…..the list goes on.



But our favourite part is that each of the fresh and vibrant colours has its own character (appealing to boys and girls) and is packaged in a lovely box (designed by OMY) ready for colouring in. This makes them perfect to give as gifts and to collect.

This season sees lots of popular new colours added to our collection and a brand new party box set.


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