A little bit about...... Etta Loves!

A little bit about...... Etta Loves!

Sat on her sofa with a heap of mucky muslins by her side, Jennifer Fuller realised that her 4-week old little Etta was staring at her top. It was the first thing she'd noticed her actively trying to focus on and unsurprisingly it was a simple black and white pattern.

Etta Loves muslins are not only practical, super-soft, absorbent 100% cotton, but they have been designed with input from an early years visual expert, to ensure that they stimulate babies' visual and cognitive development. As such the range is split between 0-4 months and 5+ months.


The Science Bit


At birth, an infant’s vision is very limited as their visual system is not fully developed. Over the first few days and weeks of life vision improves steadily and infants will be able to see high contrast patterns in black and white.

Very young infants do not see in colour because the cells in the retina which detect colour have not yet fully developed. Their main focus will be on objects 8-10 inches from their face - which is happily the approximate distance from their face to your face when you are interacting with them.

By around 6-8 weeks of age babies can focus on your face more easily, and that is when you might notice that gorgeous first smile being returned right back to you.

During the first few months the brain is working out how to work the eyes together as a pair and vision starts to improve quickly. At this stage babies will start to learn how to track objects and will start to reach out for things that they find interesting.  

It is generally thought that by the age of 5-6 months children have much better colour vision, although at this stage it is still thought to be not as sensitive as that of an adults. Children of this age will mostly be attracted to bright, strong primary colours.

Vision continues to improve steadily through the first 12 months and beyond into toddlerhood. It is possible to assess vision in infants, babies and preverbal children and any concerns about your child’s vision should be discussed with your GP.

You can view our Etta Loves collection here



Save the Date! The Third Tufnell Stumble

Save the Date! The Third Tufnell Stumble

Come and join us for an evening of socialising at the lovely local shops of Tufnell Park. From 5-8pm there will be prossecco, discounts and cakes for you to enjoy. We'll be having a SALE preview for all who come so you can get first dibs! See you there! 



World Environment Day- how we can help

World Environment Day- how we can help

June the 5th saw the arrival of World Environment Day which aims to bring to the forefront the importance of sustainability in the environment. It reminds me, particularly as a retailer, of how important my role is to bring environmentally conscious products to the consumer. When I am buying products for my shop, it's my number one criteria. When I am buying for myself, It's my number one criteria.  I am proud to say that we stock some of the most environmentally children's conscious brands and we are always working to find more. 

Plan Toys

Plan Toys, green credentials are second to none. Every stage of the production of their beautiful toys is done with the environment in mind. From their own rubber tree forest to the natural colour pigments, chemical free glues and kiln drying process. All the packaging is made from recycled paper and soy based inks. 
Surplus wood pieces from production are also used in their Biomass generator to produce electricity for the whole factory and villages around the PlanToys® factory. Now Plan Toys is a Carbon Neutral company. Last year, they manufactured approximately 2.5 million toys that released 2,569,373 kg of CO2. Each year they also planted over 9,000 trees which helped absorb over 2,700,000 kg of CO2.
You can read more about this brilliant toy company here and view our growing collection here. 

Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini are fully aware that the clothing and textiles industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. They have the vision to make clothes that children love to wear, without compromising social and environmental aspects of the production. This is the core of the Mini Rodini brand, and it affects every move they make.
They carry one of the most sustainable ranges on the market – their collections include over 99 % products made from sustainable materials yearly. By sustainable materials, they mean non-conventional materials that have a lower impact on both nature and human health, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, and Modal®. 
They use no chemical dyes or processes in their printing process and all their packaging is 100% biodegradable. 
Read more about their environmental credentials here and you can view our growing collection here.

Wee Gallery

Wee Gallery is a small, family business that strives to make the world a better place by engaging with their community and the world around us. They use only sustainably sourced materials and partner with companies that operate on socially sustainable practices. They strive to use minimal packaging and keep everything biodegradable. They use Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) card stock in our cards and soy inks. Wee Gallery Wall Graphics are made with Polypropylene, instead of PVC and all the cotton in our soft goods is certified  organic under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) .


View our growing Wee Gallery collection here


Here at eenymeeny we also strongly believe in quality not quanity. If something is well made and beautiful it is kept and passed around, not thrown away. The purchase price of our products may be a bit more but the environmental value is outstanding. 

Join our Team!

Join our Team!

We're looking for a design savvy weekend sales assistant. Applicants must have previous retail experience, an interest in good design, be enthusiastic, confident, able to work independently and have excellent customer service skills. The job is for 2-3 Days per week - weekends essential. Competitive salary. References required. Please Send your CV and a covering note to us at



A little bit about...Anne Claire Petit

A little bit about...Anne Claire Petit

One of our favourite designers. Anne-Claire Petit studied industrial design in Eindoven before going on to start her accessories range.  Every piece in her (now) global brand is made according to traditional handiworks techniques using a limited colour palate and natural materials which makes every piece unique. 

With her cute characters and beautiful colours the brand has an optimistic feel to it. Cheerful, colourful and most importantly, made with love. A great deal of the traditional crocheting is done in Asia. In the countryside where the women are skilled in the original handiwork techniques of their ancestors and a close relationship has been built up with various communities. Thanks to their crochet work for Anne Claire Petit, the women have paid work for most of the year- something from which the entire village benefits. The women work from home and they do the crochet work for the new collections together with their neighbours. This teamwork creates a sense happiness that rings out in all of Anne-Claire Petit's beautiful products. View our range here. 

All the colours of spring....our edit

All the colours of spring....our edit

Mini Rodini Bunny Onsie
Mini Rodini Bunny Baby Onesie £42
Mini Rodini Unicorn stars Tee £22
My Little Cozmo Peachy Bloomers £23
Meri Meri Bunny Pouch
Meri Meri Bunny Pouch £12
Playon Crayon Pastel Crayons £9.99
Pastel Pinwheels £15 COMING SOON
Popupshop Rose Sweat £42.50 
popupshop Flower Legging £29
Spring Cookie Cutters £10 COMING SOON
Sunshine Stripe tights £15.99
Pink Diamond Paper Plates £3.60
Paper Cups £3.50
Ricecarrot £19.50
Bunny Dress Up kit £16
Dressing up for World Book week

Dressing up for World Book week

Bunny Dress Up kit £16  



The White Rabbit fom Alice in Wonderland, Peter Rabbit, Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail. 
Tiger Mask £9.00
The Tiger who came to Tea, Life of Pi, Jungle Book. 
Lion Headress £16.50
A Lion in Paris, Aesops Fables, The Lion,Witch and the Wardrobe
Butterfly Dress Up Kit £25




The Butterfly Ball, The very Hungry Caterpillar, Monkey Puzzle

It's Show Time! Some of our favourite finds for Autumn/Winter 2017

It's Show Time! Some of our favourite finds for Autumn/Winter 2017

Its Buying season for us and we've been doing the rounds looking at and selecting beautiful products for winter 2017. Here are just a few of our favourites...

Smalls Award winning merino wool basics come in the most sublime colour palate and quite simply make practical and cosy underwear too cool to be hidden. 


Lucky Boy Sunday nail it again with these beautiful rugs. We are in LOVE! Coming Soon!

Little Knittle create luxury hand framed knitwear for babies and children. All lovingly made in the UK. Brushed fibres in the yarn means the softness is incredible. Coming Soon!

Fable Heart, designed and hand made in Ireland create stunning dressing up clothes that will last for generations.  

MILK & BISCUITS a happy Chinese production story.

MILK & BISCUITS a happy Chinese production story.

Were very happy to welcome Anglo-Chinese brand Milk & Biscuits to eenymeeny! Milk & Biscuits is a premium children’s fashion with a basic ethos to create apparel for kids – that is cut for comfort whilst creating a modern and distinctive style. Their designs are all based on the classics, with a contemporary twist.

Each season they collaborate with an artist or illustrator to create unique prints. This season they have collaborated with Lucy Kirk.

Production is done with pride and care in China at a local family run Shanghai small order factory. They aim for a low carbon footprint and where ever possible in the production process use organic materials.


You can see our new SS17 collection here.

A little bit about....Kid O.

A little bit about....Kid O.

Lisa Mahar, mother and owner of NY based toy company Kid O says of her products:
"We believe children have the most fun when they are discovering new things."
We all know, that it's more than playing..its' learning. That's why we love Kid O products.   They are thoughtfully designed with lots of opportunities to explore built right in.
Kid O toys are built to engage and stimulate children again and again with a rich variety of shapes, colors, and sizes,” so the possibilities for open- ended, creative play are limitless. And when children'€™s play is powered by their own imaginations, they develop skills they wi€™ll use for a lifetime.
We love their clean design, cool colours and classic designs. 
Click here to view owner  Lisa, showing off her newest creations, award wining Myland toys that gently introduce children into the world of coding. 
Click here to view our new Mylands collection now available in store. 
Our Christmas dates and opening hours.

Our Christmas dates and opening hours.

We'll be shutting shop at 6pm on 24th December and we will reopen again on 3rd January.

For online orders, our last posting dates will be 21st December for first and second class post. Any orders placed after the 21st cannot be guaranteed to arrive for Christmas.

Online orders place between 25th - 3rd Jan will be fulfilled as usual.

We hope you have a restfull Christmas and a Happy New Year!

A little Lovely Christmas Giveaway!

A little Lovely Christmas Giveaway!

Our Lightboxes are still a bestseller at Christmas as they make a great gift. (especially if you add a sweet message on the light box). So we're giving away a pack of letters with every lightbox sold until stocks run out! How good is that! See below for details:

A little Lovely company Light box giveaway


Every A5 light box (which has a set of standard letters)will receive a pack of extra letters The Kids ABC pack. Thats 33 animal illustrations and the alphabet to jazz up your message. (retails at £8)


Every A4 lightbox will receive an extra Letter Pack of 85 script letters (as well as the standard letters included with the lightbox). (normally retails at £8).


This offer is for online and in store purchases until stocks run out!

Join us at the second Tufnell Stumble

Join us at the second Tufnell Stumble

Come and join us for an evening of socialising at the lovely local shops of Tufnell Park. For one night only you can meet the owners and enjoy drinks, snacks, discounts, giveaways, demos and tasters. We'll be offering a 10% discount on all our clothes for the evening. It will be lovely to see you!
Getting kids into books is easy right? Zoe from Little Owl Book Club shares her thoughts

Getting kids into books is easy right? Zoe from Little Owl Book Club shares her thoughts

We think it's never too early to get kids into books. Introduce them when they are babies and they'll be hooked for ever.  Zoë Bloomfield, founder of the brilliant Little Owl Book Club, shares her tips....


"Most toddlers have a natural curiosity about books. They like to pick them up, even chew them (!), and will love a bedtime story. But how do you capture that interest and help turn them into enthusiastic readers?

Keep their books at their eye level. Consider clearing out the bottom shelf of your bookcase and filling it with suitable books. Or have a special box in your main living area just for their stories. Make it a cosy spot with a cushion and they’ll soon go there alone to enjoy them. Studies have shown that the more books you have in your house, the better your children will do at school!

Read to them every night if you can. You choose one, they choose one. Get your child to put the books ready on the bed before bath-time and it’s something to look forward to.

Read the same stories, over and over. Children learn from repetition and it fills them with confidence if they know what’s going to happen. It’ll also helps them learn some of the initial letter shapes and sounds. You should always go back to old favourites, especially if your child’s in a bad mood!

Ask them to predict what’s going to happen in a story, even one they’ve read a million times. An exaggerated question such as: ‘What’s going to happen to baby bear’s chair?’ will make your toddler feel special because they know the answer, and they might even tell you!

Talk to your children about your favourite books. What’s happening in the book you are reading? And tell them which books you loved when you were little. They love to copy grown-ups, so it will reinforce reading for pleasure as a good thing!"

Little Owl Book Club is an exciting new class for kids aged 2-4 that’s a fun approach to books and phonics. For more see

Check out our collection of books here. 

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